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    • Name: EVM grinding system

    • Technical Parameters: Maximum feed size: ≤ 30mm
    • Structural description: Vertical mill mainly by the hydraulic pump station, thin oil pump station, rack, under the shell, th
    • Functional description: Grinding efficiency, metal wear and tear into the mill material size, set crushing, drying, grinding
    • Into the material moisture: ≤15%
    • Material: Roller, disc liner: KmTBCr20M02-GT (high chromium cast iron)
    • case: Q235

    • Name: EG granulation system

    • Technical Parameters:
    • Structural description: Granulator mainly by the shell, spindle, drum, power, water device part of the composition
    • Functional description: The spindle and the drum relative to the high-speed rotation of the powder mixed thoroughly, into th
    • Into the material moisture:
    • Material: Contact material part of the lining material is 304 stainless steel, thickness 4mm
    • case: Q235

    • Name: ED optimized drying system

    • Technical Parameters:
    • Structural description:
    • Functional description: Fluidized bed dryer mainly by the lock fan feeder, bed, vibration motor, bag filter, centrifugal fan
    • Into the material moisture:
    • Material:
    • case:

    • Name: DCS control system

    • Technical Parameters:
    • Structural description:
    • Functional description: Vertical mill control system, fluidized bed control system, granulation control system, each part of
    • Into the material moisture:
    • Material:
    • case:

EDP Ceramic Powder Dry Processing
  • Replacing traditional ball-grinding machine with vertical grinding machine has brought a fundamental change in grinding method for this industry.Traditionally: dry wet; Econ: dry dry
  • Grinding, drying, and winnowing have all been integrated into one single process, which eliminates overgrinding issue and provides power saving up to 20%-30%.
Granulation and grain size optimization
  • Echo’s patented grain-making machine integrates and optimizes mixing, spraying and grain-making into one process,enables our customers to make customized parameter settings to cater for their needs for grain gradation.
    Traditional granulation: wet dry. Econ dry process granulation: dry dry.
    This process not only precludes the need for spray drying funnel, but also entirely eliminates the fuel costs.
  • Using multi-layered vibration and fluidized dryer can double the drying efficiency or more.
  • This dryer can achieve effective drying results by using 100℃ —120℃ hot air.
  • The residual air heat in furnace can be fully utilized.
Operation and control
  • The computerized automatic mixing system enables more precise material mixture and makes manufacturing process more stable and therefore better product quality.
  • Our DCS System integrated in all other devices has made the material preparation process clean and highly efficient, which then significantly improves working conditions and reduces labor intensity.
  • The system provides track records, remote diagnoses and expert assistance through our clock-round online technical support services.

  Take daily production of 300 tons(one ceramic tile production line) as an example.Econ Dry Powder Processing new technology social energy saving is about 5973 tons standard coal per

  annum.There can be a saving of 30,950,000 tons of coal,amount to 22,100,000 tons standard coal per annum if over 3700 ceramic wall and floor tile production lines across the country

  adopt Econ Dry Powder Processing technology.

  There can be a reduction of 60 million tons of CO

  2 emission per annum across the country which will bring great social benefit.

  Each production line will save 30,000 tons water and save 110 million tons water for a year.Payback period is short,1.5 to 2 years.

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